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Football Roster Assistant 1.2

Football Roster Assistant allows any football coach to manage a team right away
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Football Roster Assistant is a small application that allows any football coach to manage a team right away. The program easy interface lets the user to set up a Roster immediately through the "Create Roster" button. It can be created from the Team's name including all required information for further statistics+-. Some of the information fields include: Time of the Match, Opponent's name, and Game Score. One of the key features include the entire roster list; the user can enter any player's name in any given position at the Offensive or Defensive team to know exactly the position he/she played on any given game quarter, in case the player plays multiple positions. This is an important feature to evaluate the player's performance under position change and to plan ahead for the next scheduled game. Once a roster has been created, it can be copied and then modified to have an entire new roster assignation based on previous games outcomes. The copied roster allows team/opponent's edition, and by doing so an entire game calendar or a league schedule can be saved. Rosters can be printed for easy sharing.

Augusto Rivera
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